Friday, September 19, 2008

Wedding preparations

Our nephew is getting married later this fall, and the 3 girls are going to be flower girls, all wearing matching dresses made of the beautiful blue silk you see here. The baguette colored silk will be the color of the sashes/shoes. Isn't it gorgeous? These are just two of the colors the bride has chosen, in addition to the pretty chocolate color on the save the date magnets (how clever! We are taking notes, though it will be many years off - forever if Rich has any say in the matter -, but someday we will need these ideas for our own girls). I'd tell you more, but I don't know how much she has shared with everyone, or if it is just to be a beautiful elegant treat for all to feast on. So I will keep what little more I know to myself. Just know it is going to be gorgeous - not that that matters, I can feel the happiness and excitement radiating from half the country away!