Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 3 Tags

Wondering where Day 1 is? (This is for anyone who stumbles upon my blog 6 months from now, since I don't think any of my readers even look here anymore). Day 1 was all about the types of inks and dyes etc. and how they worked together - or not. Very helpful information.
Two of todays tags used alchol inks - something I need to use more often. 2012 Christmas cards anyone?

Tims Tags Day 2

I made similar tags when I took Wendy Vecchi's class at Memory Bound a few years ago.
Haha, I was probably still posting to the blog when I took that awesome class! Except now I have a few more inks, blending tools, etc. These were so fun to make.

Back from Never Never Land.

Longtime no see! Yes, I abandoned the 'ol blog. Life got busier, if that is possible. After a quick glance at the last few posts I can give this quick update:

We didn't move.
We did a little decluttering, but mostly attended girls activities, took a few trips, and enjoyed ourselves.

These days I am:

  • working two days a week at church,
  • volunteering everywhere,
  • working on finishing my Master gardener volunteer hours,
  • helping to head up the church Food Pantry Garden,
  • gearing up for the school garden club to resume in a few weeks,
  • Taking Ali Edwards year-long One Little Word Class,
  • taking Tim Holtz's two week Creative Chemistry class,
  • doing some major deep cleaning purge-type decluttering. For real. The Garage Sale pile in the basement is growing. Yes, the 'little girls' room is clean. Very clean.

    That 13 year old in a previous post? Finishing up her Freshman year in High School. Yikes.

    I am still taking piano lessons. between the girls and I, we are taking 4 different music lessons and a Kindermusik class. The youngest is about to start violin. Shhh. It's a surprise!

    There's quite a bit more, but that's a decent summary, so I'm going to keep it simple and start with Tims Tags for my class.