Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wedding in New York

I'll start with the reason for the trip, this gorgeous couple, Rich's nephew David and his beautiful bride Meghan (she's even nicer than she is gorgeous, they are a perfect match). Photos were taken at a park with both the Brooklyn and Mahattan Bridges in the background. It had been raining hard earlier in the day (it's good luck you know) but thankfully stopped so they could have the photos they wanted.At the rehearsal dinner Meghan presented the girls with these beautiful sweaters. No one wanted to take them off! Don't they look sweet?Here's Ms. Mira, happily twirling in her dress and her sweater. She was confused about the wedding at first, not remembering Meghan and thinking she was going to see her teacher who is also Miss Meghan. However, after watching our Meghan all evening and receiving the sweater at the rehearsal dinner, she drew a picture in her 'field journal' of 'The New Miss-Meghan Girl' and getting her sweater!

I know some of you have been waiting to see the dresses, well, here they are. I am SO happy how they turned out. The girls loved them. All the kids took a liking to each other at the rehearsal dinner, were thrilled to find out our rooms at the hotel were just across the hall, and played at the pool together the morning of the wedding. By the time this photo was taken they were quite good friends.

Finally, us. Rich & Natasha thinks it looks like we are standing in front of a green screen, because it was so grey out while the girls dresses reflected so much light. I assure you that is the real Brooklyn Bridge behind us! I'm sure the photographers' photo will turn out much better. I really wish I had left my hair down as I look so much younger without the white streaks showing on the sides, sigh, but it was fun to have it done by someone else!Isn't that man next to me handsome? Those girls are pretty darling too.

Journals and a quick synopsis

Hello! I'm back from Chicago, and we've gone and returned from New York which you will be hearing alot about in the days to come. And now we're getting ready to spend Thanksgiving with more family.

It's really been a lovely few weeks. I finally sat down to do the rare scrapbook page yesterday (just wait until January-March when I do most of my scrapbooking). This page is based on a challenge to do a tone-on-tone monochromatic black page, with just a splash of color (thanks Missy!). Perfect inspiration for this pair of Halloween photos. Bit cloudy today, so the page looks more washed out than it really is. The silvery looking flowers, birds, falling leaves etc. are actually black rub-ons, the obviously white pieces at the corner were my 'splash'. Sorry for labeling you as Creepy honey, but, well... it fits in this rare instance!

We were SO tired after all we walked to and saw while in New York that the girls and I are STILL working on finishing up our trip journals, shown here:

My Journal is small enough to fit in my purse or coat pocket and has a magnetic closure - perfect for this trip. I prefer to support the scrapbook stores but I found mine at Target for under $2. Natasha and Sarah's journals came from Memory Bound with tabbed dividers and enough lined pages for each day, as well as an elasticized closure. Mira's is perfect for her - blank white pages on both sides. She calls it her 'Field Journal'!!! Here's the inside of my journal:

Sarah and Natasha are writing their fave parts of each day as well as adding some drawings. Sarah cannot wait to show her friends on Monday. She is also putting together a poster complete with photographs, and has already told them that the subway goes under the water and all about the Statue of Liberty and her 'patina' of green. Mira 'draws' in her journal and then tells me in detail what she is drawing, and I write down exactly what she says because her drawings of the Statue of Liberty and the Ferry and the subway and the bridge all look very similar!

Amanda, I promise to post my list sometime soon - thanks for tagging me. Now, who do I know besides you who blogs? One more post for today, then it's off to sit by the fire planning Christmas cards and helping Sarah with her poster.