Thursday, December 31, 2009

CYCLONES WIN at Insight Bowl!

Phew. We all left Rich alone in the living room during the first quarter. It was just easier that way.

A Toast to Paul Rhodes and the Cyclones! Wooot! Let the party start!

Have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve everyone.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Daily Album

Here are the first two pages of my December Daily album a la Ali Edwards. I have a photo to order for day 1 and journalling for both Day 1 & 2 ready. Most of the basic pages are ready, I'll try to post them all in advance as I have time over the next few days. I love what I have so far though. I did take a little more time in creating than I probably should have, but I knew from my calendar some days had special events. In some cases there are a multitude of special events scheduled and while I know I'll want to record those, I also know those busy days will leave less time for changing up album pages later. So I tailored the pages some now, choosing just the right papers and size, while leaving others without dates so I can move or change them as needed.

The first page is acrylic, from one of the many albums I accumulated when I was receiving kits. I intend to leave it as more of a title page. Day 1 info. will be placed on the striped Basic Grey paper (Christmas 2008 vintage), and Day 2 on the backside
. The actual album I am not sure about. It is a red courderoy Chatterbox album, which I love. Being post-bound, it doesn't allow the acryllic pages to turn very well. Right now I have old ribbon holding the pages together, but I may punch holes in inner binding and add circle rings, or large D rings if I can find them. I'd really like to use what I have instead of buying something else. I COULD use a larger piece of acryllic for a cover, however I like my first page and I don't think thsoe stickers will come up nicely enough so I can reuse them. And I really like the red album, so we'll just have to wait & see what happens!

November Scrapping

A few pages I created in November. They look horrible here actually. They were dark to begin with as the sun refused to shine. I lightened them, and they looked fine in PSE, but here...

This one of Natasha is actually a light sunny yellow, (Bazill swiss dot paper). Used a variety of rub-ons (don't tell her many were ends of packages, they just went so well together). Added jewels and an acrylic flower with added rub-ons and jewels. The N is Karen Russells chipboard.Volleyball page - actually very clear, with a light tan background in real life. Those grey words on the background paper? White. Honestly.Here's Miss Mira helping me last Spring. Karen gave me the cool Heather Bailey Buckle & tag. Mira loves gardening and digging in the dirt as much as I do!This is Creative memories paper, again, much lighter than it is showing up here. A quick page of Mira's preschool Halloween party. Sarah wore this costume twice, and Mira wore it last year too, but this is the first year it was a "wild' cat, complete with paws in the air and a rather wild growl!