Saturday, December 27, 2008


That would be us - with ice though instead of frosting! Rich's family Christmas has been postponed a day due to the slippery stuff. We'll most likely have a smaller group and miss a few people we don't get to see often, but walking outside is more like skating at the moment - definately not safe for travel.

We'll manage to have a fun day though, playing with our Christmas Legos, games, and dollhouses. Rich is currently working on building Sarah's Dollhouse, having finished Mira's yesterday. Well, finished as in assembled. We'll wait on adding the gingerbread until it is painted, and painting will wait until all are built and the girls decide on colors and the shingling will happen after that, but the first order of business is actual playing. I'm actually a little jealous as two of the houses have milled hardwood floors already installed and the siding is size appropriate. Then again, I get to play with all 3 and help each girl paint & I can sew them bedding and curtains - even more fun playing with them than just working on my own dollhouse!

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