Thursday, July 9, 2009

A fun day

It's cool and breezy today, almost ready to rain but not quite. Last night as we ate our grilled salmon, grilled sweet corn and foil wrapped grilled potato, green pepper & onions, the girls had to run in for fleece jackets to cover bare shoulders. It felt like Fall, and this was the week with no preplanned activities, places we HAD to be. Well, with the exception of Natasha's pre-camp physical which we missed on Monday and have had to reschedule. (blush).

Yesterday was sunny enough for most of the laundry to be line dried. Not warm enough for the pool, but the girls didn't care. They had their noses stuck in books picked up at the library during Mira's story hour- our second trip in 3 days. They love reading as much as I do. The elementary school is participating in Scholastics' Summer Reading Challenge and adding their reading hours to Scholastics bid at a Reading World Record.

Sarah is not the best at keeping track of her hours - she forgets to write things down because she has her nose stuck in a book or magazine, and occasionally the paper. It's a safe bet that if you haven't seen her for 20 minutes she's either out riding her bike,or has picked up a book somewhere in the house. I know she's read at least 40 hours since June 4 - and that's not counting every hour I've read our 'family reading' or all her stolen half hours when she was supposed to be cleaning her room, sleeping, or looking for socks to wear.

Here she is reading on the swing this past Spring - I have been writing the titles of her finished summer books on the tabs - don't worry, I have many more tabs that can be added!

Today isn't even sunny, and we're all wearing long pants. So we're headed to a favorite spot, the Art Center to see some new exhibits, and some Japanese Art. They each have classes starting there in the next week or so, and they still are dying to go today. Please Mom? Love it. After that, we'll try for a picnic in the Rose Garden, weather permitting, and then a walk around Grays Lake. May toss Sarah & Mira's bikes in the trunk for that. (We'll ride the trails down on a sunnier day.)

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