Thursday, May 28, 2009

I miss you blog

Yes blog, I promise to update you this summer. It's just that I've been busy. You know - helping with Field trips, church and school meetings, playdates, piano lessons and softball games, birthday parties, the church garage/bake/plant sale, my 17th anniversary, rainy weekend trips to antique malls where the girls have been finding treasure galore, playing with Mira, planting the garden, mowing, reading books with the girls, helping Natasha's Sunday school class plant a vegetable garden (aka: tiller killer) so they can help those without, planning summer camping trips... all that good stuff. Finishing promised projects and my continuing ed and enjoying it. Hmmm going back to school might not be so bad?

I even took a class to "bling" you out blog. Promised to start - twice. But I was so busy. At least now I know how to make you look the way I want.

Summer is almost here. I promise to check in often. I have alot of back photos I want to post, and alot of planned projects I'll want to share.

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