Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer Plans

Ok, so I was reading Kelli Crowes blog this morning and in one post she asked about summer plans. I had a list going in my head, but it's always good to put these things in writing. Here's my list:

1. Finish and send the other half of the Christmas cards. Really. I should have just stuffed them in envelopes and sent, but I wanted to FINISH them, write something to everyone. But between the achy pre-Humira aka miracle drug fingers and sweet ailing Ramses sitting on my lap most December, January and February evenings, well, it just didn't happen. It doesn't mean we don't love those of you who are still waiting... I know you are laughing Amanda. Thbpt!
2. Catch up on scrapbooks. Ok, at *least* finish the 3 half finished trip albums I have going! (now that I think about it, maybe I only have two half finished?) Hey - life with 3 lovely smart girls is busy! And the lovely pile of helpful meds I take every day make me want to go to bed at a normal hour (like, when the girls go to bed) instead of staying up half the night scrapping.
3. Maybe actually print photo from last years two trips. we'll see... Laugh. If I don't, Rich will print them all as 8x10's to hang on the wall.
4. Finish something from the unfinished project closet every week - flannel nightgowns, sundresses, and a quilt. Then use of some more of the pretty fabrics I have stashed. I want to use that pile of old knee-torn jeans to make a denim quilt, and I am SO in love with my new Sewing Green book. And my new Flat Roman shades for the living room and my bedroom - those will actually be first since I have all the materials. Watch out sewing machine!
5. Keep up with the garden weeding. I'm already ahead/finished on planting and most* of the weeding so I can dream, right? * I've been avoiding the always overgrown raspberry corner with it's sneaky elderberries and maple & oak sprouts. That's where the poison ivy lives. I think I'll give it one more week with a few more applications of ivy killer before I veture back there. Maybe I'll sacrifice a pair of those old jeans to throw away right after I'm done in that corner. Now I just need some old rubber boots to borrow...
6. Spend 3 hours a week organizing/cleaning closets, the attic, desks, etc. Have made major inroads already on files and piles. It's easier to do when your baby grows up (choke, sniff sniff) and there is more time/less clutter and the girls aren't as attached to EVERY single spelling test they ever took. Okay. Maybe the church garage sale helped too. GRIN.
7. Spend every afternoon swimming with the girls. Easy Peasy. I can actually MOVE this summer. Woohoo!
8. Read every day with the girls. That's a given. In the hammock. Lovely.
9. Go camping several times (already scheduled, HA!)
10. (added after reading Amanda's latest post). Help Sarah to ride her bike without training wheels. Maybe Mira too. Then we can ride more/farther on Daddys' bike trails!
11. Visit the Harry Potter exhibit at Chicago's Museum of Science & Industry (with rabid fan daughters of course). Sarah is planning to read all the books by herself this summer.
12. Update my neglected blog? Here's a start!
13. Learn to type? Instead of the hen-pecking I do now.
14. Consider back-to work options. After all, only one more year until Mira will be in Kindy. More on this later.

So, what are your summer plans?

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