Thursday, March 4, 2010

Marching On

Corny, I know. What can I say?

Once again, we've been crazy busy. I am soaking up everything I can in my photography class (Karen Russell, Snapshots of a Good Life), as you can see below. Class ends next week. Very sad. However, we still will have access to the class forums for a year - Yay! Everyone in the class is so supportive, I'm looking forward to continuing and building those relationships and improving my photography.

In between, I have started on a new project (non-paid, but very cool. I'll share more info when it's finished).

Rich went out of town and our furnace died while he was in a nice warm hotel room. I was here, trying to keep warm by blowing condensation out of 25 year old rubber furnace hoses (YICK!) and flipping switches while listening to the wonky motor rattle and hoping the thing wouldn't blow up overnight. Then I tried to sleep with all 3 girls in my bed. We had it replaced the next day. Well, it took two days, but we were able to return the borrowed space heaters after the first day and the house was warm by the time Rich returned from his trip.

I really wish things would NOT happen every time he goes out of town. I know I am capable, there is really no need to prove it!

Then we found out the neighbor the girls calls Grandpa Don was in hospice. He left this world on Friday and I attended his funeral today. He will be missed by all of us.

We celebrated the 89th birthday party of Rich's Dad, the first Grandpa Don. He requested a pecan pie instead of cake, so I found a recipe for a pie without corn syrup... and with rum. I'll share the recipe this weekend as it was OH so yummy.

Sarah had her adenoids out on Monday. And another tube placed. She was quite nervous but when they took me back to her afterward she smiled her sweet smile and softly said "I can already hear better! Dr. Y told me they took out "huge chunks of adenoid tissue" so it was a good decision and will hopefully end the ongoing hearing problems. Side note, I did NOT eat lunch after he told me that. Being the school lover she is, she went back the next morning because they said she could. She didn't want to miss math or piano. She made it the whole day too, twice visiting the nurse for a short nap but not wanting to come home.

I had a naaaasty migraine. Natasha & I made chili for 100, then helped her confirmation class serve dinner at church. Then I slept for 12 hours. (The chili was also yummy, I'll share that recipe too. I promise, because this is the safest place to not lose them!)

Today Sarah asked to stay home, not feeling well. Usually she is mad when she has to miss school, so I thought she must need the rest, and her throat has been hurting her a lot. Rich was rather dubious when I called to let him know and I wondered myself when Sarah spent part of the morning playing piano (it relaxes her). This afternoon she developed a fever and will be staying home tomorrow as well.

In between we've been looking at houses, so we can live in the school district we are open enrolled in. However now we're wondering if we should look elsewhere? Hard decision no matter we do. More on that later. I know you have other things to do today, so I'll leave you with my sweeties, no photos taken on auto!

Mira, passing out Valentines:

Natasha, looking older than should be allowedSarah sunshine

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