Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Houses & Horses

I looked at a WONDERFUL house this morning. Light, space, great kitchen, woods, enough bedrooms to separate the girls and office besides, perfect for entertaining.Yard enough for raised beds as well as room to play and oh so private.

I was mostly able to imagine living there when I blocked out the deer & buck heads hung everywhere. Except the smell of the neighbors horses was getting to me every time I stepped outside. I tried to imagine what it would smell like in the heat of summer as I sit on the deck watching the sunset or grilled at the BBQ, or even in the living room with the windows wide open. I prefer open windows over AC, don't you? I suspect on this wooded lot open windows would be a very lovely thing.

Except for the horsey smell.

Not happenin'. Bummer.

Just got some good news about open enrollment, official news.

News, or rather, facts I wish I'd had 6 weeks ago when we went into this must-move-now frenzy, not that everything was official so maybe what I was told was, at the time, correct?

News that makes moving irrelevant. Except for the space issue. And the 3 girls and 2 adults sharing not enough bathrooms thing. Or the issue of getting more house & yard for the moolah near Rich's office and making his drive to work and home a very short one. I'm all for making the bread-winner happy except the potential dream houses that do that would all require a district change. Now I'm confused because this moving thing was originally about avoiding a school change, and now that we don't have to we might anyway. The girls are up for an adventure. The grass is always greener...

Maybe I should just work harder on getting rid of the stuff we don't need and we'll fit here better? Then we can go back to Hawaii instead and enjoy more moments like these:

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