Saturday, April 17, 2010

Elton John concert

Fun fun fun. Especially the girls singing along and rocking out. Sarah air drumming. Natasha drooling over the many different guitars. Mira waving her arms and "Wooo-hoo"ing at the first and last 45 minutes of the concert and her 1.5 hour nap in the middle.

Considering the concert started at her usual bedtime, she did rather well.

Houses - Looked at several more yesterday. Ruled two out. Not sure Rich will like my fave. I still dream of the Horsey house - taking Rich to see both later this week, and hopefully two others. The others are near his office and would mean a change of school district, away from friends, walk-able stores & neighborhoods. However those two have almost everything on our ideal home list - one in particular would mean no compromise on either mine or Rich's part, but it may not have enough bedrooms. You would think the listing would be clear, but the description, listing and assessment documents contradict each other.

This search is time consuming and if none of these houses work, for whatever reason, I am ready to stop. Not forever, not 100%, just enough that we get our Sunday afternoons and a few weekday hours back. We'll still be scanning the papers Sunday morning, may take in an open house now & then when something looks promising in our school district. The school situation has resolved itself: we now have it in writing that the girls will go to the schools we want. Next years budget cuts may change our minds, but we still love the schools. So in the meantime we'll just stay here, fixing the little things that bug us, enjoying the yard we've worked hard on, enjoying the neighbors and the lower mortgage payments while we keep our eyes out for the perfect house. We've seen enough that we know what is worth looking at, what we can skip, which yards we like, which neighborhoods.

Then again, one of those houses may be the one. In either case, I have some yard work to do today, and I plan to enjoy every minute in the sun, with Elton John playing on my ipod.

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