Monday, May 17, 2010

Beautiful Weekend

Oh what a lovely weekend. Sunny, warm on Saturday, cool for gardening on Sunday. Perfect after a week of rain.

We did the normal weekend things:
  • slept in
  • coffee and omelets in the sunroom while reading the paper and listening to the wrens singing - and watching the cats stare out the window, dreaming of wren for breakfast.
  • mowed
  • cleaned and tuned bikes although the girls have been riding theirs for awhile. Mine is new (that's another post) but the Burley trailer was nasty mildewy and Rich's bike stored hung in the rafters for the winter had apparently been used as a birds perch. Yuck. He's riding to work for Bike to Work week and added upright handlebars so he doesn't have to lean over so much. Being 6'7" isn't always an advantage!
  • a bike ride to the store & around the neighborhood. I'm hoping next weekend we will start riding bikes to church.
  • Mira helped me move my basil from the herb garden next to the house to the vegetable garden. The herb garden used to be a sunny place, but the oak that was teeny tiny when we moved in 15 years ago now shades the yard between the house & garage - and the Lilacs, and the Azaleas and the herb garden. Mira also helped me clean up the veg garden border and plant the Marigolds and white Verbena she helped me pick out a few weeks ago.
  • Took photos of the just blooming Peonies (hey, the peeling garage gives the back yard a rustic cottage look, doesn't it?) and pine bushes in the side yard being eating from the top down by scores of squirmy creepy dark green caterpillars. Blech. They make a nasty clicking noise and every so often they all twitch at once. The bushes are beautifully green too - halfway up. Rich took care of the caterpillars yesterday...
  • Grilled homemade pizzas for dinner - oh yummy.
Some not so normal weekend things:
  • attended the school carnival. Fun fun fun - especially Mira who can not wait to start Kindergarten. Sarah ran around with her friends getting her hair and face painted, eating junk and playing games. If you look closely at the peonies photo above you can see Sarah's still-orange hair on Saturday morning. Natasha caught up with old friends who attend different middle schools. And I won the 'Lunch with a Teacher' basket for Sarah & her WONDERFUL Teacher Mrs. B - the three of us get to go to lunch at Flarah's before school gets out - during the school day! How cool is that?
  • Took Natasha to a friends Birthday party - for hair and make-up Oh my. It's too bad we weren't planning to go someplace special, so I settled for a photo shoot instead. Just one here for now. Ok, two. Not the best light for either, but I love the photos anyway. Beautiful.


Silver Sisters said...

Ooooo... those caterpillars really creep me out! we used to have big fat green ones when I was a kid and they would fall on your head from the trees. Gives me shivers just thinking about it!

I've been reading about your house woes - we are looking for a new house also. At first it was about getting another bedroom, but it's morphed into finding a yard large enough for a gigantic garage. We will never move. How do these things happen?

(by the way, I found you through Gina's blog at Rich Inner Life. Thatnk you for your comment on my guest post there.)

Alex said...

Please keep taking pictures! You are very good, even with the lighting :P what kind of camera is that?