Monday, May 3, 2010

Garden Itch

Beautiful weekend. Sunny, warm, green.
Weeding and planting makes Michelle happy.

Now I itch. I tried to ignore it.
Even though it tickles NONSTOP.
Even though I knew I'd uncovered a funny three leafed plant on a red stem while pulling leaves out of tangle of Wisteria vines. (Oh I make sure to shower off the instant I finish gardening. I NEVER touch my face while gardening, and I always toss my gardening clothes right into the washer. Because I get Poison Ivy EVERY year, even if I never see the stuff.

But not this year.
Oh no not me.
That sloooow, tickly feeling on my calves, ankles, wrist, elbow? I must have disturbed a few sleeping mosquitos while digging up those runaway decorative grass sprouts trying to take over the lawn, right? Right?


At least it's mild. Goes well with the sniffly nose from all the dust I stirred up over the past two weeks while pulling old stuff from closets (and sorting and washing) to take to the church garage sale. 3 carloads, 1 FULL Jeep load and one more to transport an old bedframe. Dust galore.

Oh well. My garden looks lovely, my house is so much less cluttered and I am happy.

I think I'll mow tomorrow.

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