Sunday, May 25, 2008

Anniversary Mower

16 years ago Rich and I were in Disney World on our Honeymoon. We were enjoying the shows and rides and the warm sun while our family back in Chicago was rather cold and wet, sitting at a Cubs game.

It's been rather cool and rainy here this weekend too. Friday (our actual anniversary) was rainy enough that Natasha's Field Day was cancelled, as was Sarah's softball practice. So Rich came home early, we took the girls to dinner and then to see the new Indiana Jones movie. They loved it (so did we).

Yesterday afternoon the sun finally came out, so we tried out our 'gift', the new mower.
The old mower finally conked out, after a spring of sputtering and adding smog to the neighborhood. Last year we talked about getting a push mower, but since the old mower was still working, we waited. I think what finally won Rich over was the fact that I said I'd help him mow if he bought one. I think I've only mowed twice in my whole life, but this was fun! Had to go over the back a few times considering the old mower conked last weekend, thankfully AFTER Rich finished the front yard but before starting the back. The new mower is fun to use and makes the nicest whirring sound, and the lawn looks nice. See - here's proof I actually mowed (and used the trimmer too - gasp!). He did the back yard, I did the sides and front and refused to give it back when he asked if he could try it again. {laugh} Please ignore the pasty legs. It's been rainy here, and after all those years as a lifeguard I've been good about using sunscreen.

The sun is making another appearance today, so we'll spend the rest of the weekend hanging out in the yard (hopefully warming up the pasty color a bit), playing croquet and bocce ball (a dangerous sport to play with a crabby 3 year old!), barbequeing, and waiting for the grass to grow.

Ramses update: I just realized I never gave an update after his dental - he had two nasty teeth pulled. 5 weeks later he is active, fast, and eatting kibble again. Oh, he still enjoys a bit of wet food every day, and even lets Horatio eat off his plate at the same time! (Silvara shows no interest, even when no other cat is in the kitchen). Ramses looks more fit than he has in quite awhile, and has even started his summer routine of spending the nights outside, mornings sleeping on my bed, and the afternoons going in & out whenever anyone opens the door. He has his annual shots on Friday, and he looks SO good I fully expect to hear he is down to 12 pounds x oz. instead of the 13# he was 2 weeks ago.

Sarah update: Still having daily weekday headaches, despite all the meds, though not as severe since finishing meds for the sinus infection. Her teacher thinks it may be the flourescent lighting making it hard for her far-sighted eyes to adjust, and has been moving her during writing exercises (when the headaches usually start) so that now she sits by the windows (natural light). Of course the headaches still show up later in the day during reading groups when they can't move an entire group. Interesting.

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