Friday, May 2, 2008

May Day

The girls had fun running around the neighborhood yesterday delivering little baskets of goodies, and trying to catch kids running from our house when the doorbell rang. No photos. I've tried in the past, but they don't want to stand posed and risk getting caught, just want to ring the bell and run so my photos are always blurry. They don't care anyway, they just love surprising people.

Mayday, mayday: really - when is this rain going to end? I have work to do so it's not a bad thing during the day (I am ALMOST caught up), but it would be nice to spend more time outside afterschool, on the weekends, maybe continue the yard work we began a month ago. I am starting to worry that if this keeps up we won't have the vegetable garden in before our vacation (or if we do, the poor plants will just rot). Maybe that's a tad dramatic. Still...I keep trying to send the rain to Melissa in Atlanta, but it just won't go!

Poor Sarah has still been having headaches a few times a week. Almost 2 weeks on the allergy meds, so not sure where we go from here. I suppose not having them every day is an improvement. Natasha, Rich & I have all had upset tummies & headaches this week too. Honestly - there can't be ANY viruses left that we haven't had already this winter!

Well, I had better get back to being productive while Mira takes the rare nap. Then I can post some of the fun updates I have in mind! Hope your weekend is warm and sunny!

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