Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

hehe - I thought by now I'd have some more scrap pages up! No scrapping going on so no pages to share. Just a quick update before I'm off running again. Girls are outside for the moment, but soon I am off to another meeting!

Happy Birthday Dad! My Dad's Birthday was yesterday, he got a message, girls are still working on their cards. I'll mail those with a few other things soon...

Dentists: Yesterday Natasha had FIVE teeth pulled. Ouch. Preparation for braces next year. One was a bonus pull. No, she did not view it as a bonus, but it's out along with the other 4 and I didn't have to pay for it. Bonus for me not having to listen to her worry it out. Trouper that she is refused all meds today and spent the entire day at school (I did bring her some hot mushy mashed potatoes to supplement the pudding she packed!) Tomorrow though - she'll have to chew something better for lunch. And please don't remind her she has a regular cleaning scheduled for next week.

We have our vacation planned for the summer - reservations made too! More about that later - suffice it to say that while we decided where in relatively short order, it took two weeks to actually find time to MAKE all the reservations! Can't wait.

Sarah and softball Sarah has been having a blast playing, made the transition from t-ball rather well, is even volunteering to be catcher - so she is joining the Tournament team. Unfortunately we will be on our vacation the two tournament weekends, so she will just be practicing with them. Add two more softball nights to the schedule! Good practice for next year though.

Grades: You know I'm a proud momma :) Sarah of course doesn't receive grades, but she has all S's for Satisfactory, as opposed to N for Not meeting expectations. Oh she meets expectations alright - we're waiting to hear if she will be working with the 3rd graders in Math and Reading next year.
Natasha was all A's, with one little B+ in math. 6th grade math. Ok, it's not that harder math. It's making silly mistakes because she is too confidant. Proud of you girls!

Next time I hope to show you a few creative things :)

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