Friday, April 25, 2008

A post? You want a post?

Ok. How about next week?
Been crazy here. N & I had a WONDERFUL weekend last wekend. I need to print photos and make a little book, just for the two of us.

Then, I think Monday was a normal day? So long ago activity-wise. Since then Sarah & I spent all morning getting our eyes checked (I need new lenses, she is farsighted like me, but no need for glasses yet). Softball games, Church choir & bell practice, Junior Achievement Biztown training, a head cold, workers tuckpointing the chimney so it no longer looks like pieces will fall out on small children, capped by my spending the majority of Friday (today) with 3 classes of 5th graders running their own businesses. Cool. (Mira got to go to work with Rich and made a mess of his office window by sticking out her tongue at all the passers-by.)

Now I'm going to go scrap and catch up on LOST and Battlestar Galactica, then wake up and get a massage tomorrow. Phew.

And hey - whoever turned the outside thermostat down - would you PLEASE turn it back up? 35 degrees at the end of April is not ok. Thank goodness the chimney cleaning happens tomorrow instead of earlier in the week as originally planned, but this is the LAST time in 2008 that I will say "This is the last fire of the year." And if there is snow tomorrow I may just skip the massage and go back to bed.

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