Friday, April 11, 2008

5 actually.

Ask Mira how old she is and that is most likely what you will hear. "Five actually." Although, today, on her actual birthday, she did say twice that she was three.

It's been a nice celebration so far - yesterday I hung out with her at Preschool - love seeing her in a different environment. This morning we danced and sang at Kindermusik, picked up a few party things and came home to relax while reading and watching (what else) 12 Dancing princesses. Guess what kind of cake she is having tonight?

At 1 p.m. the fun started - 4 friends, dressed up in the favorite dress-up dresses, and pink hats (our party favors), drinking chocolate milk, orange juice or water 'tea', eating tiny cookies and cupcakes, and truly behaving like little ladies, saying please and thank you to each other. When not at the table? They alternated between playing with the Cinderella Castle (Thank You Auntie Melissa) and playing tea party with play food. I got to talk to some lovely grown-ups too!

Right now the 3 sisters are happily continuing the play tea party and watching for Daddy. We'll have dinner Stella's - the ONLY place for a birthday dinner according to my girls. They have a jukebox, hula hoops, pour your malt into your glass if you hold it on your nose or head (don't move!!!) and when you have a birthday, they stand you on a chair, place a funny hat on your head, and make the whole place sing to you while a disco ball lights up the room. Not bad huh? Then home for the standard cake & presents. Phew!

Now, if only I could get over the fact that she's 3. Where did the time go?

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