Saturday, April 12, 2008

No more Stellas

Wow. Sad day - as I posted yesterday Stellas is THE place for a birthday in our family. Thank goodness I have scrapped evidence of birthday fun at Stellas. Because as we drove up last night, 6 p.m. on a Friday night, the place was dark, and while you could still see all the parephenalia lining the window sills, you could also see the chair legs sticking up from the tabletops, and a huge for lease sign on the front door.

The girls are still mad about it this morning. We ended up having a decent dinner elsewhere, just not with the wild fun. Saved that for the Barbie/Pony fest that happened after Mira opened presents :).

Remember what my yard looked like a few days ago? Well, it's back. Ugh. Snow on April 12th. Yesterday a friend asked for a reccomendation for a dandruff shampoo - not the kind of request you usually see on a public bulletin board. But then I laughed because she followed with "because the sky has a really bad case of dandruff at the moment." I hope it's sunny and GREEN where you are today!

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