Thursday, April 3, 2008

Squinny Look out!

Ramses is NOT happy, but it looks like he will have many more adventures. His tummy is bare halfway up his sides, but he is eating and happy to be home (just don't tell him he still has to go for his dental). The U/S specialist found nothing. No spots anywhere, or enlarged organs, or anything else other than his organs are squished over on one side. So he just has a weird anatomy? Or the fat is just being stored on one side? I dunno, and neither do they. Hopefully the off lab values are just off due to the fact he hasn't been eating/drinking and that tooth infection is really bad. I can deal with that - I like having him around, and since this saved us (and him) from having to have surgery to look & see what that mass was and finding out it was nothing, I'm happy.
Here's a page I scrapped about him last summer.

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