Thursday, April 17, 2008

Growing Up.

This weekend Natasha and I are attending a retreat for only Moms and daughters. Will be some serious discussions, and lots of fun off on our own together. Natasha has been looking forward to this for SO long. I just hope she is well! The poor child started off the week with a migraine and has had a fever every morning this week. (Bad mommy, she was fine Tuesday morning so I sent her to school and she came home with a fever. Sigh). I am SO looking forward to summer and healthy kids! I'm starting to think I need a weekly standing appointment at the Pediatricians office!

I made this journal for the two of us, going to give it to her at the end of the retreat, at dinner somewhere in the Old Market after we wander around and shop and decide where we want to eat. (I so love having daughters!). The glossyness/wet look is due to the flash bouncing off the Mod Podge - it's dark and grey today so no natural light to be had. The effect is much more subtle in person. The goofy designs in the middle of the cover were actually cool just embossed into the cover - a rose, sun, snowflake, leaf. The detail just did not look as cool when painted (actually a bit messy) so I sanded and grunged before adding the rest of the detail using various rub-ons (Doodlebug, Heidi Swap, fancy pants, Art Warehouse), and Ranger alcohol inks over a Heidi Swap Mask for the branch. Hard to see, but in the word Secret there is half a compass, and past the T that little white blob is an N for North, the words along the side say "Get Directions" and the torn piece of print is a definition of the word Meaning. Love how it all turned out. I PROMISE to post a better photo when the sun comes out! The inside covers I am planning on eventually being covered with grafiti, scraps and other bits as we use this book together -Natasha is very arty :) with a natural talent for drawing and painting. So I started with a simple inscription: Natasha, you are growing up and there will be many little secrets you'll want to share, but maybe not with your sisters. This book is just for you and me. Funny little notes, cartoons, secrets you want to share with me, questions you have {you can always ask me out loud}. Draw, color, add stuff - this is our project and I hope something we can look back on with satisfaction when you are all grown up. Keep it on your shelf, away from little hands, and hand it to me when you add something. I love you, Mom. April 2008

We'll start a new one once this is filled up. Almost can't wait to do this with my other girls, but I can wait for them to grow up :).

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Amanda said...

OMG. That is so stinkin' cool. I'm so jealous. Really. :) I think this is just an awesome idea and hope you have a fabulous weekend!