Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of school

Wow - that came up fast. Natasha was a little nervous last night, but this morning both girls were up and ready early. I managed to get Natasha to school and myself home in time for Rich to get to work... but that will need a bit more tweaking. I forgot about the high school traffic on my planned route. And the drop-off lines - WOW. She'll probably end up walking from a block away. Then again, neither will "first day of school photos" slow us down the rest of the year. Or maybe once the snow flies I'll just get the other girls up a little earlier, and Sarah can get to school a little earlier instead of being dropped off "just in time". Waiting in the gym with her classmates for 15, 20, 25 minutes is probably a good thing for a sociable kid anyway, right? She can read a book too... Hehe, going out for hot chocolate every day before school would be fun, but a bit expensive and I think Natasha wouldn't appreciate being left out of that! No, buses are not available. I knew what I was signing up for when I open enrolled my kids. Their schools are a perfect fit for them, so it's worth it. We'll figure it out before long.

Despite the rainy morning, I was able to take a few wonderful 1st day photos of them (no traditional front porch photo this year). Natasha with her overloaded messenger bag of supplies and walking up the school, and Sarah with her teacher.

Mira of course then wanted her photo taken with her backpack, and keeps telling me "My teacher told me my classroom is ready". LOL, her preschool teacher visited earlier in the week, so Mira is all excited. But she doesn't get to start until after labor Day, and then only 3 afternoons a week. I need my baby time, if you can still call her a baby. I enjoy every minute. In the meantime I am once again her best friend in the absence of her sisters. We've read books, packed her bento lunch (for todays Barber shop visit where my summer/pool bleached scraggly ends have magically disappeared), and washed dishes together. She talks non-stop, but in the last 2 months with her beloved sisters at home to entertain her and play Barbie or dress-up on demand, very little of it has been directed at me. I'll have to get used to 4 hours of her sweet little stories again!

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