Monday, August 18, 2008

Have a Fun Part 2:

After our vacation we took a day to unpack, survery the rain soaked garden, blah blah blah. Then we hopped right back in the car and headed out to the Quad Cities Air show. It's been a few years since I could attend (small babies vs. the heat & sun sort of thing). So I was excited to see the Blue Angels and everything else. Natasha loved it, though she was quite startled by a Blue Angel sneak attack and dropped to her knees from a standing position as the sound wave hit us from behind. We giggled over that for quite some time. Mira was interested in the planes and then napped in her chair part of the time! Sarah, well, she thinks it is too loud. She loves the planes though somehow she thinks closing her eyes and looking down while covering her ears will help keep the sound out? Here Natasha is helping her to see part of the show while keeping her ears covered. THIS is what she considers to be the best part of an air show - the food. So because of the "loudness"and Sarah's droopy sad face when told about the next air show, I did not go with Natasha and Rich as they travelled to Omaha for the Offut Air Show yesterday. (Well, that and a certain potty training little girl.) Natasha and Rich had a blast and were barely in the door last night before it all came spilling out.

More tomorrow!

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