Saturday, October 11, 2008

Apple goodness

Still happily sewing while the family is out playing and mowing in the sunshine. I promise to be out in it tomorrow, celebrating fall and leaves and the warm weather while it lasts. We'll head to an orchard we found last year (the one we went to religiously every fall for years was sold a few years ago and is now a housing development, harumph). This new orchard has a corn maze, a hay bale maze, hay rides, pumpkin patches, goats, sheep, chickens and old school room, and of course, many many different types of apples. We're the pick-it-yourself kind of family.

Doubtless Mira will take a bite out of every 3rd apple she picks :). She's been helping herself to the neighbors bag of apples several times a day already. Oh yes, we are picking more even though we have such bounty here. You can't have too many locally grown fresh apples, can you? We must have enough for lunches until Christmas, applesauce, and to can much more for tarts, pies, and this yummy cake that I made yesterday. We each had a slice with Christmas Egg dish for breakfast. I know, I said the C word twice. I'm not ready to go there yet. Just know that it was the perfect dish for a cool Fall morning when for once we were all here to sit down and enjoy breakfast together without having to rush off somewhere.

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