Thursday, October 23, 2008

Headed Out today

I get to drive to Chicago all by myself. In the rain. Boohoo.

Ok, It's true.
  • I will get to listen to whatever music I want, as loud as I want, the whole way there.
  • I will stop at rest stops and not worry about what little hands are touching (Stop that - eeeewwww!)
  • I get to stop at the outlet mall on the way to buy a new pair of shoes. Hey - I need stretch breaks too. Grin.
  • I will get to sleep in a bed ALL by myself, no little feet or hands whacking me, or complaining when we try to put her in her own bed. Which never works anyway.
  • I will get to spend a little time with my parents looking at Norway trip photos.
  • I will get to eat good food and have real conversations with grown-ups without being interrupted and learn new things.
  • I may even get to do my nails and have them stay looking nice for a few days. Well ok. Maybe after Friday's Organic Farm Tour.
  • When I get home Tuesday our new mattresses will be delivered. Is it mean I'm happy that Rich won't get to sleep on them before me?
But I will miss those warm little cuddles and sweet smiles and kisses and reading books at bedtime.

In the meantime, Rich will take over all the crazy drop-off/pick-up school times, picking up and delivering Birthday snacks to school, etc. etc.. The girls will spend Saturday at Aunt Vicki's, who has a broken foot. Sounds like recipe for fun doesn't it? Natasha can take care of Mira's little girl needs though and hopefully they won't make too much of a mess. Rich will be marching with the alumni band at homecoming. I hope the weather stays dry and warms up a bit for him (and all the other Cyclone fans as well).

I'll be back just in time for Sarah's Birthday Dinner Monday night. Don't worry - her presents are already wrapped with love. Then we'll get ready for her Faerie Birthday party next week. Can't wait!

Did I say anything about last weeks school conferences? All good. Perfect. Love these kids.

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Amanda said...

So, you still sane? ;) Sounds like you've been crazy busy, too. Guess I should tag you then. :) See my blog for details.