Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall Hiatus

Sorry that I have been gone - I keep thinking of things I want to share and post, but we have been busy:
  • Sewing on that beautiful silk (I now have the Baguette silk in my possession too). I think silk is my favorite material to sew with!
  • Canning harvest - tomatoes, and apples. Our neighbors tree is laden with fruit - as she said you could almost hear it groaning. I've heard several people in our neighborhood say that this year! It's been wonderful for us : apples with caramel, baked apples, apples fresh from the bowl and apple tarts have been gracing our table and we haven't yet been to the orchard. Yesterday I canned the remainder of our pickings as cinnamon apple slices in syrup for pie/tarts, and just as I started them processing, our neighbor knocked on the back door with another bagfull! Blessed bounty - apples AND neighbors.
  • Suffering. (only me) Had a good two weeks but the arthritis is not playing nice. Pooh. Just restarted one of my meds half strength - had to stop for a few weeks due to side effects.
  • Nature walks: Mira and I have been pressing leaves like crazy, and the weather has been just perfect for Fall walks - cool and breezy and yet just warm enough to go without jackets most days. The girls have started raking small piles of leaves, and shaping them into thin curvy rows to delineate rooms under trees & such. Rooms for Faieries of course!
  • Scrapping: My friend wonderful friend Karen travelled from Omaha Saturday to scrap with me at Memory Bound. I managed to decorate travel journals for each of the girls (upcoming New York Weddding, you know), and finish 8 pages.
  • Committee busy-work. Between church, the girls school, and my professional volunteer work, I've been rather busy. All my committees seem to be ultra busy in Fall, but it's all good.
  • Softball. Sarah missed a few practices due to rain, fingers smashed in the car door (amazingly they were only slightly bruised, much less than my nerves and heart were at the time it happened), and a recent fever. But she has played in a few games and has enjoyed them immensely. What a great group of girls (and parents) on her team.

I promise to be back soon - I still have much I want to share!

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