Thursday, January 22, 2009

In Control

Aaaaah. Hi everyone :). I have been out flourishing {laugh}. And taking care of all manner of little and big things that were cluttering up my ability to have fun, in between everything else. So now I do feel in control again - yeah!
The iffy stuff: (keep reading for the Good stuff!)
  • Playing with my mini laptop, the store to recognize they sold it and try to get the battery to charge, and then trying to get through to the manufacturer to get a replacement for that or the cord. (Twice someone has come on to take my name and say the wait was long, someone will call me back. Not falling for that again. I think they all went home.) If I ever get through I'll probably have to send the whole thing in. Drat. But I still love my lil EEE.
  • A lovely day spent on the phone stressing about Health Insurance and getting things straightened out. I knew we were covered (and we are), but when you receive a certificate/proof of prior insurance in the mail and then the website says "Your coverage ended on x/x/xx", well, you freak. At least I did. And now they won't cover an injectable form of a med I've already been taking. What's up with that? It's supposed to be more effective, which is what I need.
  • Sick. The girls & I have had a bug this week. Not fun, no-siree. HOWEVER, there are people I know who have been ill since before we started passing this around, and they are still ill. So we're good.
  • Sarah deciding she doesn't want to play competitive Softball. Dang. I was really getting into that. But she's still playing rec ball. Mainly because I've already paid for it, but we did buy her a new mitt last year and she IS a good player, and I know she'll have fun. Her not playing competitively is probably good for me as I could see myself becoming a rabid fan. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Now I just have to tell the coach. Should I make her do it?
The good stuff:
  • Sarah wants to be an Olympic Swimmer and also learn golf this summer. She thinks swim team sounds fun!
  • Recent playdates galore. I love having other kids here.
  • Painting dollhouses. The Birthday Candle Pink and Green Grape houses have white trim. And the warm yellow house will have a nice blue trim. Sorry I can't remember those color names at the moment.
  • RIF: Try organizing activities & volunteers right after the school holidays. I think we're there :) Just two more half days to go. So much fun watching the students choose their books.
  • Other volunteer work, calls, meetings.
  • Occupational Therapy. I have a friend who is an OT who is on my insurance plan. Whee. She's great. Now I have all sorts of exercises, adaptive devices, splints and wraps for my lil fingers. I had greater range of motion in my elbows today!
  • Sledding. Photos to come. So much fun. It has been too darn cold lately, but we are enjoying all the snow!
  • Climbing the snowplow piles and making new trails in the yard with Mira whenever there is fresh snow. Or whenever we have our boots on :).
  • Ice Skating. Mira hates it. {laugh}. I'll be working on that. She doesn't realize just she & I are going tomorrow afternoon while the girls are in school. It will be less crowded. Natasha & Sarah are getting better. Easier for Natasha who has done a bit of roller skating. I'll take photos when they take lessons in February. Do I sign Mira up or not? She might hate me if I do.
  • I actually scrapped a page!
What have you been up to lately?

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