Friday, January 23, 2009

Successful Skating

Mira was actually excited to go. It's very windy and the temp is dropping, so we waited until we had just enough time to get there and skate for a little bit before the middle school let out.

She was excited because I found a pair of cousin Jennys hand-me-down skates that were double bladed. Even though they were a size too long they were rather tough to get on. We managed, but I think her feet are a little wider than Jennys were.

We were the only two out on the ice which was nice. She clung to me, and clung to the side, scooting along while I did a few laps. She skated a bit with me and then started to fret. We warmed up inside and then went back out.

Ok, I'll admit it - I bribed her. She wanted a Laffy Taffy (ick). I said she could have one AFTER she went out to skate again. So she grabbed my hand saying "Let's go skate!" We did. She scooted along the side trying to catch me, finally catching on that I was slowly skating backwards. "I think I want you to stop moving now Mom." Then she held onto me with just one hand and allowed me to slowly pull her across the rink a few times, smiling and giggling the whole time.

Short and sweet, but a success. I think we'll try again next week.

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