Sunday, January 25, 2009

Recent scrap pages

The LO I made based on my word for the year, Flourish.

We found Peter munching on lettuces, beans, radishes and parsley among other things in our garden last summer. Yes, I did create the page last fall, but added the journalling straight from Beatrix Potters Peter Rabbit last night.

Mira's preschool photo, plus a few facts about her and the things she loves about preschool.And here she is cuddling her "New Puppy*". This little guy goes everywhere and I am always worried he'll get lost. Mira used to have a stuffed puppy that she rescued from the under-the-bed stuffed animal box. He also went everywhere with her, until one day when he just disappeared between the car in the driveway and the house. We looked everywhere for weeks - he has to be here but just isn't. She didn't mention him much, so we tried not to bring it up. Fast forward to our trip to New York where of course we had to visit FAO Schwartz. Mira hugged every stuffed animal in sight - until she saw this puppy. "I need this puppy because I lost my other puppy." (Mom and Dad's heart broke just then). Jack Water** is still a favorite, but I think puppy is #1 in Mira's book.

*Oops. I was reminded this Monday morning that puppy's name is Sage. All morning I have been heaing "My New brown puppy Sage did this." or "My new brown puppy Sage is lost again." Don't worry - he was only left behind in Mira's bed when she vacated it to snuggle with me.

**Jack Water is her stuffed grey cat. I have a page to go with the story, but must never have posted it? I'll tell that story another time.

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Amanda said...

OMG. Mira is getting so big!! Great layouts, MJ! I especially love that Puppy Love beautiful!