Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day

How did you celebrate?

Rich celebrated by staying home with the girls (and all the crazy school drop off & pick ups that occur on an early out day) while I sat inside at a seminar, learning new stuff. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, which he spent dragging stuff for the church garage sale up from the basement, digging out the beautiful compost for the garden, and replacing the years old bowing splintering lattice that made up the compost pile walls. Two of our neighbors who also compost complimented us on our beautiful pile of compost. Funny the things that make you proud!

What did he rebuild the compost walls with? The old crib parts. Really. My brother & sister-in-law didn't want them back. Their grandson has his own crib. Can't give the crib away as it is way outdated by current safety standards. It's beautiful, can't just take it to the dump, and no place to store it. Jon, my BIL, suggested using it as garden art. Huh. You know...

So we did. Yes, it is also painted green. I spent hours sanding and stripping and then painting it with baby-safe enamel paint before I had Natasha. Quite the hoity-toity compost heap. Rich says it's perfect for the girly house he lives in.

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