Sunday, April 19, 2009


I'm realizing just how often I rub the underside of my wedding ring with my thumb - about every 5 minutes when awake. At least I'm starting to not be startled when I notice.

See, it's been a good year or more since I have been able to get my wedding ring off. That's not a bad thing, just that I like to have it cleaned and professionally checked once in a while. Until recently some of my knuckles/fingers have been swollen enough the ring would hardly turn around on my finger, much less come off.

Almost 2 weeks ago I had my first dose of the new Arthritis med. Let's just call it a wonder drug and say I feel like Superwoman these days. No pain and my hands look more like they belong to me too. I can do ANYTHING - except get my ring off. "Soon" I thought. "Then I can have it checked at the jewelers and stop worrying."

Yeah - not so fast. Saturday morning I felt a sharp point poking my middle finger. Looked down. Pooh. A weak prong had broken and one of the small gems was gone. The ring had to be cut off.

I swear, the stories Rich and I can tell about the adventures of our rings...the rings have had much more trouble than we have in almost 17 years of marriage. Cheers to that!

Insurance will fix the damage, the rest will be evaluated and fixed as needed and the ring tucked away until it can be resized. Maybe in afew months, less if I'm lucky. My finger looks rather odd at the moment, with that skinny band surrounded by puff... So if you see me without a wedding ring or absentmindedly rubbing the inside of my palm or a random rock I've picked up, you'll know why.

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