Wednesday, April 1, 2009

LEGO Borg and April Fools

Mother Nature certainly is playing a mean April Fools joke on us with this cold windy weather. More on April Fools in a bit. Thought I'd finally post our Lego photos. While in Chicago I called two of the three Lego stores to see which had what in their pick-a-brick wall. Because the more specialty yellow Legos you can get for castles, the better. Everyone knows this, right?

Of course the store the opposite direction from home had the better assortment. So we packed up and headed North. Mira wasn't happy getting out of the car, but her mood turned around when she saw all the Legos. Like father like daughter!

We had earned 3 boxes to fill over Christmas and the time had come to cash in. Now, we had planned to make Lego blocks because you can fit more in the box than just tumbling some in any old way. The helpful staff even suggested that - although she said make a 10x10 block, and we fit 11 x 11 dots/side, 10 layers deep. Then again, she did point out that since the box didn't close flat, we could stack an extra layer or two on the top of each block, pyramid like.The girls though they looked a bit like Borg ships.

Do you know how long it takes to build 3 solid blocks, even this small? From many skinny legos? Natasha, Sarah and Mira helped. For a while.Then one by one they abandoned me, at first to fill the normal pick-a-brick reusable cups with miscellaneous flowers, bricks, ladders, race flags, shifters, cabinets and windows. And then they left me with only 1 1/2 Borg blocks finished, to go build in the play area and wander the store to make next years Christmas wish list.

One salesguy actually took an hour long lunchbreak while we were there. He came back in time to check us out. Ouch. But all those free blocks were worth it. And funny how the girls perked up when I decided to check out the Hannah Anderson store on our way out of the mall...

White Hair

So, is it wise to have all my white hair colored on, of all days, April Fools Day? I may end up with pink hair like my sister, laugh. It looks good on her... Well, it needs doing anyway. I really don't mind the white and who wants to spend all that time getting their hair colored every freakin single month? Cause I am NOT cutting it short, so it takes awhile to color. But really, it's almost spring and I've had enough 'white stuff' for the year already. I'll let the white grow out eventually - it is kind of pretty, but I think I'll wait until the new meds kick in. I start Humira next week - wish me luck. Going white will be ok when I can once again move like a youngling. White and arthritic? No thanks. Only one symptom of old at a time please!

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