Friday, March 27, 2009

Break out the firewood

Two words: Wintery Mix.
I'm tired of the cold. I'm tired of winter clothes. I want to play in the dirt!

Ok, if I can't play in the garden I guess I can do something fun while Mira naps. We're a bit tired here - yesterday while I was at my conference she played extra hard at my friends house. My friend has 4 cats. They're probably alot more relaxed to day :). Then this morning we had to be out of the house before she is usually even awake. Sarah had an early ENT appointment, and yes, there was more deterioration/hearing loss in her right ear, with added fluid that wasn't there several weeks ago. She'll have that tube replaced in a few weeks. Hopefully the other will stay put!

We haven't really mentioned her hearing to her, not wanting her to make an issue out of it especially not knowing if it would self-correct, but have been noticing the decline ourselves.
A telling sign: She just nodded her head when the nurse asked her a question this morning and after the nurse left she confided that she really didn't hear the question.

I think I'll go sew a bit - I have a few unfinished projects I could work on. When Mira wakes up we are going to look at those Spring Break trip photos and make her a Zoo/park with Oma & Grandpa book.

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