Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lions, Legos, Fevers and Spring break

How's that for a title? Laugh. We are enjoying ourselves this week, despite the fact that Mira has caught the high fever/cough thing that the other two had last weekend while at Oma and Grandpas'.

Last week we started Spring break with a beautiful day, great school conferences, and a day of hanging out packing.

Friday morning saw us off to Chicago to spend the weekend with my parents. Poor Natasha woke with a fever and bright red cheeks, but after a long nap we spent a few hours at the park, giving Grandpa a bit of exercise chasing the girls.

Sunday afternoon we visited the Lincoln Park Zoo - always fun. A bit cool, but sunny and warm enough to enjoy being outside. Lovely, except Sarah began to feel rather ill halfway through. The Lion and the Leopard were growling/roaring - definately the highlight for Mira. Just ask her - she'll be glad to demonstrate the roaring for you.

The rest of the weekend was filled with girls naps, another trip to the park, playing board games with Grandpa & Oma, painting, and a pierogi run. Oh and a stop at the Lego store to fill the free boxes we earned at Christmas and to gather a variety of blocks from the pick-a-brick wall before heading home, but that's really another post. In other words, a mostly lovely relaxing trip.

Strange coming home to no Ramses though. Silvara and Horatio seem to be adjusting, a little more bold with laps and sleeping on our bed. Wonder what they're thinking?

Despite a lingering cough Natasha and Sarah have recovered quickly so Mira should be up and running before my cousin Karen stops by this weekend on the beginning of her spring break week. Hoping the weather will cooperate so we can do a little hiking? No matter, it'll be fun even if it rains. Hoping to plan some summer camping trips with her as well.

Now, I need to go join my girls - it's still break and they are up late watching our current fave movie, Mamma Mia!

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