Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Green grass and sun, aaaaah

Yes it is. The grass is actually greening, thanks to last weeks warmer weather and this weekends rain. Yes yes, snow bits forecasted for Friday (she waves that all away), right now the grass is turning a beautiful shade of ALIVE, the sun came out and the skies were a beautiful blue this afternoon during school pick-up drive time.

Oh Happy Day!

Yes, I promised photos. Unfortunately the day I last posted I became ill, as did Mira, with what the other kiddos had. Then we shared with Rich. Weren't we sweet? Knocked us off our feet! And now I'm finishing up a few projects before going to an all day conference on Thursday and and early early Friday morning appointment to have Sarahs' hearing rechecked. Wasn't so great the last time around - fingers crossed.

We did manage to enjoy some of the weekends warmth though, including a lovely afternoon with my cousin Karen on Saturday. We did keep it low key - a neighborhood walk and time at the park before dinner instead of a local hike, but always love just chatting with her. Hope she's staying dry on her Spring Break travels.

Until Friday...

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