Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Preschool conferences funnies

Will winter never end?
Probably not, now that I've asked the question.

It's cold down here in the basement which is not helping my already achy fingers. I know - why am I not upstairs where it's warm, blogging on my lil' laptop? Because I have work to do. Things that involve e-mail. I know, I need to get e-mail set up on the laptop. One thing at a time, one thing at a time.

But I'm taking a break to share some bits about Mira's preschool conference. Nothing earth-shattering, nothing new really. She draws well, is good with scissors, knows her numbers, alphabet, and colors. She has great coordination and motor skills. She's good with friends. Listens to her teachers. Helps clean up. Great at describing things. Plays in groups and on her own.

The following comments though... well. Keep reading while I giggle. Apparently she gives her teachers much to laugh about. Thank goodness she has another year left in preschool!

  • She holds grudges. Not against the girls, but against the boys. She makes mad faces at them.
  • She talks a lot. During snack time she rarely starts eating until everyone is almost finished (sounds a lot like Sarah actually). Except when everyone is finished and she has to clean up when she wants to eat, well, she gets mad. And holds a grudge against her teacher. "You didn't let me finish my snack!" Insert Mira mad face - Miss Meggan does a great imitation!
  • She talks a lot. At home her stories can go on and on, even about the smallest things. Oh, and she likes to tell you the same story 3 or 4 times in a row. Just in case you didn't hear it the first time. It's really not a good idea to interrupt her because then she sputters and feels the need to start over. Apparently she occassionally does this during circle time. The child who didn't speak or play the first 4 weeks of preschool now can't say enough.
  • She calls people weird. Other kids say "Teacher, Mira said I was weird." Miss Meggan them it's good to be weird, it's not a bad thing. Weird is just different and who wants to be the same as anyone else? The next day Miss Meggan had a new haircut and Mira said "Miss Meggan you look weird."

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