Saturday, June 13, 2009


It's happening. The girls are growing up. Oh I knew it all along - somewhere in the back of my mind. But occasionally something happens to make it so obvious you can't pretend it's not happening.

Last week Natasha babysat - for a 2,4, and 7 year old - all at once. She's even designed her own babysitting business cards and has been handing them about. She regularly walks to the local neighborhood stores - the bookstore, the resale shop, etc. Just to wander, or look at hats and books she just HAS to have. (Thank goodness for babysitting money!)

finally figured out how to ride her bike. Oh last year she tried once or twice after Rich took the training wheels off, but since she could still go on family rides on the tag-a-long, she could easily refuse to ride her own bike. Sarah also walks down to the local shops by herself. While she loves a bargain as much as Natasha does, she goes to the local music shop to ogle the drum sets!

Mira too. She's old enough to feel comfortable riding her training-wheeled bike around the corner with only Sarahs' company, even when I've stepped in to start lunch or do some other mommy-task. Of course, we have great neighbors, and they go only as far as the driveway of a well-known couple around the corner, but still... I think it's wonderful she feels comfortable in her surroundings without me. I'll be in trouble when she realizes a preschool friend has moved in farther down that street! This week at the pool she put her face in the water to retrieve a diving ring and came up all smiles. Then she asked me to take her to the big pool, which she thoroughly enjoyed instead of being coerced in and begging to go back to the wading pool.

Well, if they have to grow up, at least they're doing a pretty good job of it.

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