Monday, June 8, 2009

summer workouts, Overdue photos and a picnic blanket

The girls have been off school since Wednesday afternoon. We started the summer off right with ice cream at Snookies with a good number of friends who carry the same end of year ice cream tradition. Above you'll see how we spent the rest of the day - hanging out. The picnic blanket the girls are sitting on was made by me from a pattern in Betz Whites Sewing Green book. I have materials for another one too - it is lined with vinyl on the bottom so you can sit on damp ground and the dried grass cuttings and dirt can just be wiped off. Brilliant! Sarah had a sleepover stay through Thursday noon, and we did more hanging about in the yard. Too bad the pool wasn't yet open, as it is supposed to be rather cool all this week.

Twelve! Yes, Friday was Natashas' birthday. Several of her friends came for a sleepover, not that they slept much. We took everyone to see UP. Wonderful movie (sniff sniff), but the real adventure was in getting there. I drove Sarah & Mira in my car, Mira making up Seuss-like rhymes in a high sing-songy voice the whole way there. Too bad wearing earplugs while driving is discouraged, though I think Rich had more need of them. He drove the 5 loud giggly female tweens and even thought about running a few lights to make the ride shorter. I was lucky going home as Mira fell asleep. The tweens didn't.
Here's the birthday girl in her favorite tree.

Sunday I ran out to buy new gym shoes while Natasha was at the party of a girl she's known since her actual day of birth - we have photos of them together in the hospital before either was 24 hours old. How cool is it that they are still friends? (ok, so we've known her parents for oh, 20 years now...). Still, they have alot in common.

I needed new shoes as the old ones were giving me blisters. Otherwise I am thoroughly enjoying being able to work out again. Timing is easier too now that Natasha & Rich no longer leave at 7:20 and need breakfast and lunches at the ready... Hoping to drop 15 pounds by the time school starts up again August 27.

Random photos of Mira and I planting: she's a great garden helper. The pansies in the first photo were table decorations at her birthday party - I simply wrapped the plastic 6-packs in yellow and green tissue paper, then we planted the next day.

Remember my spring break post? Here are a few of those long ago promised photos of my Dad getting a workout chasing the girls :) Sarah: "I'm safe up here - you can't get me!"
Natasha :" Darn, he's guarding the slide. Dude - did he just go DOWN the slide?"
Dad: "Maybe if I just climb up on the slide I can reach..."

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