Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Recycled Compost bin

Remember my Earth Day post? Finally, here are the photos of the recycled Crib that my niece Jenny, nephew Todd, and my girls slept in. Well, Jenny, Todd and Mira slept in it anyhow. Natasha hated it from day one. Sarah hated it from month six. One day I could put her down for a nap awake or asleep and she'd stay asleep for two hours. Then WHAMMO - the next day I couldn't even set her in it for 3 seconds while I was standing right there before she'd turn red from screaming and wanting out.

It's much nicer of us to use it this way instead of passing on the sleepless screaming red faced curse, don't you think?

Crib doors for easy access, crazy volunteer elderberry at the corner
Headboards for the sides (along with wild Melissa/Lemon Balm and peonies)

The back of the compost isn't quite against the old garage, although it looks that way.

Just for good measure, a 2 week old photo of the garden. Yes, we cram alot in every year - but it works well. This year we have 24 tomato plants - beefsteak, roma and grape; 8 red, yellow, green bell peppers; 4 hot peppers (I think they are jalapenos this year?) ; 4 each broccoli & cauliflower plants; two rows of carrots; two rows of beans (so far), a double row of snap peas on the frame in the far corner, cilantro, mint that grows along the fence - I keep only enough for tea; a wide wedge of lettuce - so far our only harvest, and daily at that! We also have a hill each of acorn squash, butternut squash, and zucchini. Oh! I forgot the radishes and green onions. Those too! Some years we do plant pumpkins, but there's not always room. The rest of the herbs are grown in a dedicated herb garden next to the house, while camomile & rhubarb hang out elsewhere. We have a whole corner of tangled raspberries - haven't had a crop in years despite trying many things, but I'm not ready to give up on them yet.

Should be sunny tomorrow :). Yay!

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