Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ill Cuddlebugs

OH my little darlings have been at it again, poor chicklets. Yesterday morning Mira had a headache - a rare thing indeed. She napped through lunch. That was quite productive for me actually, up until 1 p.m. when I had to wake her because Sarah had early out. OH was Mira not happy. Usually when we drive by the preschool she wants to know if her teacher is there and can she go. Even if she knows it's not a preschool day.

Not yesterday. We sat at the preschool corner at 1 p.m. waiting for the light to change while she SCREAMED that she didn't want to pick Sarah up, she just wanted to go home and nap. How I avoided a headache I'll never know, though it could have been the giggling. I couldn't help it - they get so out of sorts it's FUNNY, and when you are driving and they are strapped in, there's nothing else you CAN do. I know my mother is probably laughing as she reads this. I was such a little angel... Mira was bubbly and bouncing off the walls by 4 p.m.

So we went to church for dinner. Sarah and Natasha had bell choir practices, Sarah regular choir and Natasha confirmation class. Mira picked at her food and was quite the social butterfly, chatting it up with Bill and Tory and Bill who sat at our table. Sarah picked at her food, didn't even want her cupcake, claimed a headache and lost all her usual sparkle in short order. She tried to go to bells and didn't even last 10 minutes -came back looking like a grey rag doll with big sad eyes. We skipped choir. (Rich retrieved Natasha when she was finished).

This morning Sarah managed to eat 3 pieces of French toast despite a nasty headache and a warning to take it easy. That landed her back on the couch all wrapped up and looking ill whenever Mira jumped on her or the couch. Because that's what little sisters do and because big sisters who are not in school are supposed to play with them. Napping on the couch indeed, harumph! Sarah was quite relieved when I took Mira off to preschool and was 100% by dinnertime. At least this thing is short lived.

However by the time I picked Natasha up from the middleschool this afternoon, she'd had a headache for most of the day and the food service loose meat/sloppy Joe wasn't agreeing with her either. (Bad mommy for not making a Bento today). Having her best friend slap her ice cold hand to her forehead didn't help much and neither did my dragging her to the grocery store where Mira - still obviously a little worn down after being ill and a full afternoon of playing - screamed the whole time because I wouldn't buy her frosting loaded heart cookies. Hey, don't take her side now, we have a cookie jar full of homemade cookies at home, along with a few Christmas Lebkuchen and buckets of frozen softball fundraising cookie dough. We don't NEED more cookies. But we did need groceries as you can plainly see that I was unable to go on Wednesday...Poor Natasha. She will be staying home tomorrow. Unfortunately for her Mira does not go to preschool on Fridays. If it's warm enough I'll be nice and take Mira to the skating rink in the afternoon for some more torture, um, I mean fun so Tasha can rest.

Thank goodness I didn't line up any Friday playdates or sleepovers. But maybe, if Natasha is better by the afternoon she can work on cleaning her room after she finishes her math homework. hey - I can dream...

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Hey! I just added music to my blog....go check it out. THis bloggy thing is fun!

Hope you are having a fun night.

Talk to you soon.