Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bunk Bed Flier

Oh My. Huge thump, tumble, bang from upstairs, crying, and sound of other feet running as I jump up and trip up the stairs as fast as I can.

Mira is ok, but can I just scream for a second, or maybe a minute? Thanks. Needed to let go of the adrenaline, though it's quite possible the cats will now be hiding under the bed for a few hours!

Ugh. The one bad thing about having Mira in her big girl bed on the bottom bunk, is that she seems to think this allows her to be on the top bunk whenever she likes. And heaven forbid Sarah be allowed to have a little quiet time to read to herself on her own bed. OH NO, Can't let that happen. Nevermind actually listening to Mom & Dad and staying off the ladder. Mira is often found standing in the middle of the bed, next to the railing (be still my heart) but her favorite place by far is sitting sideways on the mattress at the ladder opening, with one leg hanging down. I pull her off, I tell her to get down, I tell her I need her to be safe (Thank you Mimi for that phrase, I use it often), I set her on the stairs. Usually even mentioning the stairs is enough to set her into hysterics and make her stop doing whatever unsafe activity she is involved in, but not when it comes to the bunk bed.

Have I mentioned she's fallen off the ladder before? I think we have to remove the ladder and poor Sarah will have to figure out how to get up without it. SHE never climbed the top bunk when it was Natasha's bed, until she was old enough to be invited up. Silvie and Horatio like to sleep up there too. Yes, they also climb the ladder. Well, I suppose, Sarah will finally have the bed all to herself, and Mira will have to look forother ways to keep Rich & I on our toes.

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