Monday, March 10, 2008

Garlic Mango

Sounds yummy. It would be too, if served as a hot sauce with maybe a bit of cream added, over jasmine rice and bits of poached chicken quick seared in olive oil. But it wasn't. And it wasn't yummy either.

See, as I was pulling out odds & ends for my lunch - leftover salad, a half grated carrot, a mango... I thought - "Hmmm, dinner has to be early tonight ~ lets get that roast started browning." Had a nice warm-scented sizzle going on while my lunch sat half prepared on the counter. I tossed in some peppercorns, whole allspice, a bay leaf, some leftover chicken broth, and sliced a few cloves of garlic. Covered and put the whole lovely thing in the oven and went back to fixing my lunch as Mira finished hers. Finished grating the carrot on my salad, washed a few more grapes for the Mira-girl. Turned over the small cutting board I used for the garlic, grabbed the knife I'd set aside earlier for the mango... Can you see where this is going? Yeah. Well, I didn't. Yummy, healthy lunch. Until the last few slices of mango. You know, the first slices I put on the plate. Raw mango should NOT taste like raw garlic. eewww.

However, at least now I'm inspired for tomorrows dinner.

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