Monday, March 24, 2008

Busy Day, Busy week...

Now that the girls are back in school (boohoo), I'm playing catch-up. Mira & I have run a zillion errands this morning, helped at Art Class and are now hanging about. We've read a few books, and now she's having quiet time (12 Dancing Princesses again) while I answer a few e-mails, make some calls, and do my homework for Shimelles No Place Like Home class.

Yeah, like I need a new project. What about finishing vacation albums, planning vacations, decluttering, sewing projects? I have actually been making progress on all of that. Slow, but definate progress. Ok, so the warmer weather will soon demand our being outside 12 hours of the day, going for walks and bike rides, cleaning up the yard, painting the garage to match the house (the neighbors will be SO happy!). I figure it's like one extra hole in an already sinking ship GRIN. I like creating, I can do it after the children have passed out from all that fresh air, and this will help me accomplish a project I've been thinking of doing ever since we started making changes around here.

So this class is just too good to pass up. The price is right, for 25 daily project prompts Mon-Fri for 5 weeks. Small & big projects. Some quick, some much more involved. Archived forever, so what I don't finish (or start) now, I can come back to next summer, Fall, etc. The project prompts sent to my inbox too so I can print them out and keep on file here. Pretty cool. My plan right now is to do the small projects, and start thinking upon the remainder until I have time to finish each in turn.

Check it out! Click on the link or the picture above to find out more.

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