Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Matroyskas and a sick day

Natasha came home ill yesterday. I got it worse than she did. On the plus side of a bad night, it has given me a chance to take a long morning nap and catch up on my sleep. I do tend to stay up too late reading or scrapbooking or watching movies while Rich works beside me...

It also was a wonderful excuse to cuddle on the couch with little Mira while she watched 12 Dancing princesses for the millionth time. Now that Sarah is home (early out), and Tash & I seem to be on the mend, I think we will spend the afternoon making watercolors. Mine just might be on scrap paper though!

Aren't these Matroyska's beautiful? A bit pricey - but beautiful just the same. Hmmm - I could make these, maybe, but they would not turn out quite so lovely. Or these stickers. Stickers are funny things - sometimes they are treasured and refuse to be used forever and ever, and sometimes they are plastered everywhere. I might just have to buy some of these for myself. My mother brought some nesting dolls back from Poland for the girls a few Christmas' ago, and Mira has a Matroyska book that she absolutely loves. I think the dolls must not like living in their book though, as Mira is always doing them the favor of taking them out and lining them up so they can see the world.

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