Monday, March 3, 2008

Winter Spring Winter

We had a lovely taste of Spring this weekend - 50 degree temps, melting snow creating little streams running down the street, washing away the ice & dirty snow. Birds chirping, my silly daughters running around in shorts. Yes, shorts - but considering it was forty, fifty degrees warmer than it has been lately, who can blame them?

Yesterday Sarah & I went off to Whatta Dish pottery to paint Communion Chalices with most of her 1st Communion class. Can't wait to see the final product in a few weeks. She really thought about the colors and symbols she wanted to use, and took her time with each element. White for Purity and the Lamb, blue for hope, and a cross inside a heart. Plus a little purple for Royalty, and red for Spirit.

Afterwards we went to a REAL car wash, one where you leave the car so they can clean the inside as well as the outside. I knew it was time for this 'treat' when just getting into my car made me crabby. We left the car, walked in and all the way down the hall. We looked at the cards, the scented tree things, the sunglasses and finally paid the cashier. Then we walked all the way back to the beginning to watch the car go through the foam and brushes, expecting to see it at least part-way through, covered with foam. Nope. They were STILL vacuuming it - for another 5 minutes. Oh, I knew it was grungy, what with 3 girls and after a winter of snow, sand and slush, but really! It's beautifully clean now, and I am so happy. And it smells like Jasmine. I love Jasmine.

The storm clouds rolled in while we were at the car wash. The drizzle started, then sleet, then almost 4 inches of snow. I don't mind, it's pretty, and we spent the evening playing Quoridor all cozied-up in the living room, and my car smells like Spring.

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