Thursday, March 13, 2008

Conferences and Spring Break

Yes, I know I said I'd post recent projects and I haven't yet. Soon. I have a lovely vase of daffoldils of my table right now - Natasha can't seem to keep her nose out of it. I may have to take a picture fast before they disappear into her room...

Poor Sarah is ill again - woke up yesterday with a high temp, that went higher even after meds. Sore throat, horrible headache... yup, she has strep. Thank goodness it didn't happen next week - we would have had to postpone her first communion to Easter Sunday as we drink out of a common cup as a family (a chalice she painted) that first time.

She is feeling better today though, and has read at least 3 Judy Moody books since yesterday morning, between naps. Later this afternoon, when Mira is home from preschool we'll all go for a walk ~ Spring is definately pushing winter away, and we need to find a branch for the Egg tree, listen to the birds singing...

Mom, I have to rub it in a little - I love conferences. I know, that tells people alot about me as child, but still, I have to brag. Love hearing other people say they wish they had a room full of my children as students, that they are smart, kind, thoughtful, intellegent, insightful. I'm still glowing!

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