Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yes, I am awake.

Silly me, I know... just finished scrapping a few pages I can't really show you, because the lighting is too poor to take a decent photo. So here are a few I finished yesterday :). Both Ms. Sarah - dancing and enjoying the moment, and the other is about 3 wishes she wrote on an assignment a few weeks ago... "I wish I loved everything. {because sometimes I don't}". "I wish I was a Fairy." and "I wish I knew everything like Jesus does."
This girl amazes me... such deep thoughts mixed with little girl fun - makes me happy. Proud too - she just passed the Gifted/talented tests with flying colors - 99% in both Math and Reading. She'll be spending all day tomorrow reading as she stays home from school. She's been having headaches daily, so we visited the Dr. for that and came home with meds for strep! Funny thing is she feels perfectly fine (and of course the one day she has no headache is the day we see the Dr.). Think she'll finish each of the 3 books she has started?
Ramses update: He is doing mostly well. Eating, going outside, head up and looking around, more of his personality showing. Though he has been quiet and sleeping more than usual, he had his last 'kitty morphine' tonight, so we'll see an increase in activity tomorrow. And whether he regrets letting his guard down enough to lick Silvara on the nose. Usually he is above noticing the other two cats!


amberhelga said...

omg these layouts are so beautiful!

Melissa said...

Cool layouts. i wish is my favorite. I should be scrapping now, but I am scrapped that even possible? LOL I need to recharge for Saturday's crop.

Angela said...

Beautiful layouts.