Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Artist Trading Cards Swap

Art Swap
There are a number of blogs I look at monthly (or more often), for inspiration or just plain fun. Today, House on Hill Road has a post about a childrens art swap. Artist Trading Cards, if you are not a long time scrapper, artist or E-bay/Etsy afficianado like Rich's sister Vicki, are smallish cards, works of art. The ones Vicki has collected are Santa Claus art, of course.

If you know my girls, you know they love art. Mira loves painting. Natasha wants to be an artist of some sort when she grows up and continues to amaze me with her drawings. Sarah for a time wanted to be an artitst as well - we all enjoy crafts. I am having an extremely difficult time not waltzing over to House on Hill Road's blog to sign them up. Mira won't have a choice, and I can see Natasha and Sarah jumping at the opportunity, but I suppose I should ask their opinion first, eh?

Rules are: No adults, children only, age 4 and up. Each child will be assigned to a group of 6 children, so they only need make and mail 5 cards. The cards will each fit in a regular sized envelope. Pretty cool huh? Click on the ATC button over on the right if you want more details from the source, as I am only the enthusiastic mother of potential participants :).

Skating update:
It was cold and getting colder. Mira and I took a short walk around downtown before heading back to wait in the warming house and watch the girls from the windows. They did small jumps, glides, turns, and skating with a quick turn to try to continue a glide backwards. They had fun: Natasha thought it was hard, Sarah thought it was easy, and neither accomplished the backwards glide. And they are both very much looking forward to next weeks lesson and hopefully another few hours of free skating later in the week to practice.

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