Monday, February 9, 2009

Rainy Monday

Can I really be sad that it's raining after such a cold winter? Only because it's likely that skating lessons will be cancelled for tonight. Oh well, it should be cold enough by the weekend to head back to the rink. I'll just keep my fingers crossed for tonight.

In the meantime I am glad for the birds enjoying the rain and glad that all the yucky half melted black snowplow piles at every corner and curb are slowly washing away. Cold is so much easier to take when the ugly is gone. And the rain smells good.

Mira and I are going to enjoy the rain day, starting with a walk right after dropping Sarah at school. Then we have some craft projects planned. I have a bit of work to sneak in too, but she won't mind with paintbrush in hand. I received Mira's ATC group information (final participant count: over 900). I think perhaps we'll wait until the other girls information arrives to actually make her official art set, but a rainy day is just perfect to visit the art center, don't you think? Maybe we'll do that before we work on our crafty projects.

Are you working on your Valentines?

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