Sunday, February 22, 2009

a little bit of Ham

We've spent the week doing all the things we usually do, working, playing, music lessons, etc. etc. and spending time loving on Ramses.

The end of the week was rough as Ram pretty much stopped eating,started acted confused, stopped cleaning, stopped purring when I picked him up. We almost said goodbye yesterday but most of the family wasn't ready. Either way it's such a difficult decision and seeing how much he was suffering was very hard on me. His best, happy hours are in the evening, surrounded by family with laps to snuggle on. So Rich and the girls who spend their days away just weren't seeing what I was. Feeling upset and conflicted and less than up to making a big deal out of cooking, I made a lovely Italian lentil soup for Fridays dinner- simple and comforting. The girls, not so big on lentils, had leftover ham and biscuits. Have to admit that we ate in the living room by the fire. So Miras' plate was on the floor.

When she was distracted Ramses attacked her ham. Devoured it. (Don't worry, we gave her more, and made sure she got to eat it.) Guess salty ham is more appealing than such delicacies as liver and chicken, turkey giblets and other goopy cat foods when you don't feel well.

And he felt better after that ham. Saturday was a good day, still full of naps, but also full of purrs. We all feel a little bit better getting to enjoy a few more days together.

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